Carpet Cleaning

Green Genie uses low moisture, all natural cleaning. Our process is to vacuum up the loose dirt, then we apply our all natural, vegetable based cleaner (no toxins or solvents). Next, a special absorbent soil extraction pad is used with the Green Genie Cleaning Machine to gently scrub and safely agitate the sides and the tops of the carpet fibers. The process extracts the soils and eliminates the stains. The carpet is usually dry in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on carpet fiber and humidity levels. This means there is no chance for mold and bacteria to set in and grow, and the carpets will repel dirt far better and stay cleaner longer because there is no residue remaining.

The Benefits of Green Genie Magic Carpet Cleaning:

Fully insured: Peace of mind from a local business serving all of Western New York.

Spot elimination: Powerful, unique system that removes stains permanently.

Allergen removal: Relieve yourself from pollen, dust and other allergens trapped in carpet fibers.

Odor Elimination: Our solution kills and removes odors and microbes that cause odor.

Clean air: No exhaust fumes and an odor-free cleaning process.

Quick-dry: Get your furniture back in place sooner, and back to using the carpeted area sooner.

No bacteria, no mold: Fast-drying, low-moisture process with no dry chemicals, and no over-wetting of carpet fibers.

Library-quiet operation: Minimal noise intrusion; perfect for the home or office.

Green technology: Chemical-free, vegetable-based cleaning agent. Safe for you, your family, your pets, and our planet!

No open doors: Maintain security, keep pets inside and the weather outside.

Safety first: No hose damage to walls and floors from cleaning equipment.