Deck Cleaning

Decks become discolored over time due to exposure to sun (UV radiation), rain and other natural conditions. Because decks are comprised of organic matters (often cedar or pine), insects and biological organisms such as lichen, mold, and mildew begin to devour them. Over time, the wood begins to rot and the structural integrity of the deck may become compromised. Many homeowners take pride in a bright and beautiful deck and invest in a regular maintenance program. This helps to slow the process of degradation and to lengthen the lifespan of the original investment in the deck.

Green Genie uses the Caltex System and EcoWash™ to brighten your deck to a light new honey toned state in one step. Labor and scrubbing is minimized. The system is non toxic, USDA approved and 100% environmentally friendly. It is safe to use around plants, pets and most importantly, your family.

Until EcoWash™, high pressure power washing with bleaching chemicals was the only method available for cleaning wood, roofs, siding, and masonry. Besides being unsafe, it is also ineffective because bleaching chemicals do not lift failed sealers and stains. High pressure washing splinters the wood, damages the roof, and does not restore the original color.