Duct Cleaning

Green Genie is all about indoor air quality and clean air ducts is the best way to assure a healthy home. Over time, your air ducts fill up with debris such as dirt, animal dander, dead skin, dust mites and other bugs, allergens and sometimes mold. Each time, you use your furnace or air conditioner, this“ dirt” blows all over your clean home and can affect your allergies. If you notice dust on your furniture days after you clean, or have allergies and unexplained symptoms, it may be time to get your ducts cleaned.

Green genie uses a patented air jet and compressed air system to safely remove the debris from your ducts. We do NOT use aggressive brushes that can harm the inside of your ducts and increase the likelihood of more dirt being trapped in your ducts sooner. After cleaning your ducts, and only if we suspect mold, we will sanitize with Calbrite. It is safe and all natural, but we don’t recommend applying a vapor (liquid) into the ducts unless absolutely necessary.