The Green Genie Environmental Treatment

At Green Genie Environmental Cleaning, our mission is to provide superior, environmentally safe, surface restoration services to our customers. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, and guarantee that all of our customers expectations are fully met.

Our services include; mold testing / prevention / removal / remediation, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, deck / patio cleaning, dock cleaning, fence cleaning, odor removal, wall / ceiling cleaning, boat cleaning and home / building exterior washing and carpet cleaning.

We use a special product from Caltex in all of our services. Caltex invented and improved the Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology in 1986. Our LVLP system is applied as a fine mist. It penetrates and deep cleans without causing damage to wood surfaces. It will not raise the grain or cause splintering. It restores wood to its natural honey tone. It restores the root to its original condition and will bring the luster back to faded siding.Our system will lift failed sealers and stain, and our formula for mold remediation is very effective. Our Mold Extraction Technology (MET) in mold remediation will pull the mold out of attics and basements. There is no need to paint or encapsulate moldy surfaces. We also offer mold inhibitors recommended by the CDC which inhibit the regrowth of mold and mildew. Our products are environmentally safe and USDA approved. They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic. Get more information and tips here about the different kinds of places mold can get into and what you can do about it.